Back in 2004, I went out for bids on a new driveway because my original concrete drive (installed about 1990) was disintegrating. I wanted to get a permanent replacement that would hold up to heavy vehicles like the propane delivery truck. Luckily Jim Weber was one of the bidders. He took the time to make sure he was bidding on what I really wanted, and explained the technical aspects of the material choices. He did not try to talk me into a lower-cost, lower value job in order to make a lower, more competitive bid. The other bidders did not take my requests seriously, and drew up bids on a lower-value jobs. Of course Jim’s bid was higher, but not that much higher, and covered 6″ thickness, rebar, and proper site preparation. We selected Jim Weber General Contracting to do the job. They came on the days they said they would come, the crew was well trained and worked together very well. The site preparation, forming, pouring, and finishing were very professionally done. The driveway is still in great shape after 9 years – no cracking or shifting, in spite of very heavy vehicle traffic and zillions of freeze-thaw cycles.

So in 2010 when I wanted to build an auxiliary building as a workshop and storage area, Jim Weber GC was the first bidder I contacted. I had drawn up the structure as a drive-out garage with front upper and rear lower garage doors, a poured lower floor with incorporated PEX tubing for radiant heating, a Spancrete upper floor, and walls constructed of insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) filled with high-strength concrete and rebar. Jim gave me great advice on the appropriate thicknesses of the footings, the lower and upper level walls, the Spancrete and its overcoating, etc. I provided the final drawing to Jim Weber GC and two other bidders. When the quotes came back, I was surprised that the other bidders had re-done my plans to use other materials (such as wooden framing)! Jim Weber GC bid on the job exactly as drawn, but did not want to do the exterior siding or roof.

So we went with Jim. The site required careful excavation because there was just barely enough drop-off for the lower level drive-out. They got it right, to the inch. The crew came over when they said they would, and again, worked together very well. Every man knew what was to be done, no bickering or lounging around. I was very pleased with the workmanship – everything came out square and level. There were a number of pours required, and each was done on time. I installed the roof trusses and sheathing with the help of some friends, and was able to find a local company (BRS) to do the siding and final roofing. We were very pleased with the outcome of the project. Jim said it would take seven seasons for the backfill to settle before it made sense to do the driveup and parking concrete flatwork around the building, so we waited until 2012 and Jim Weber GC came back, gave a very reasonable bid, and finished the job. I did not even bother with other bids. Again, the work was beautifully and professionally done.

If you have questions, please give me a call – Tony Manzara, 651-439-0389 Anthony P Manzara Resident

I wanted to write and thank you once again for your excellent service. Over the last 15 years Weber Concrete has accomplished over 30 projects for Silgan Containers. With the time constraints that were placed on you on every project, your team always completed on schedule and always cleaned like you were never here. We continue to work with Weber Concrete and would recommend them in any circumstance. Erik Lockrem Plant Engineer, Silgan Containers

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